well, i can’t seem to. i was thinking about an awesome post in my car on the way home, but totally got deterred from remembrance.

as per this post’s name, i FOUND so many awesome things today…

1. these amazing cookies i’ve been searching for, for more than 6 months. turns out they were quite simply these:

Safeway_Lemon_Sandwich_Creme_Cookies.jpg2. new favorite article of clothing. i should say that i find almost 90% of my clothing in thrift/consignment shops. i like clothes better if i think they’ve had a history somewhere. i should also mention i live in portland, or, which is so far from nc, i have no idea how this got here:

3. and last, but most certainly not least… i found an avetts (surprised? no, not.) video so sweet to my ears, i can’t help but repeat it. beautiful cover.

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