i now have a really big secret. i can’t tell my best friend, my sister. let’s just say i was celebrating and commiserating yesterday. it was the anniversary of my mother’s death as well as the birthday of my favorite bar. my sister brought me a wonderful keg of bell’s oberon, the single greatest beer on the planet. here’s the culprit:Image

well let’s just say i got sufficiently drunk from about 1pm on… no quitting and no eating. fast forward about 9 hours, AND i boned my friend. i know this a story as old as time, but for me it’s… well. indescribable. it felt the way i’ve always thought it should.
like, holy passion, batman. and it will probably never happen again.

i just really wish it hadn’t happened. there’s no undoing what’s been done. and the only person that could provide me solace, i can’t tell. it could be a slightly lonely planet.

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