the pup.

i started school again last fall in an effort to obtain a psych degree. realizing that i would like to get a jump on this whole thing, this semester was to be “full time.” so i signed up for courses and am prepared to work full-time as well… i thought this oh so manageable, until i made the biggest mistake of my life. i got a puppy. 2 days before i was supposed to begin taking classes, one popped up that my roommate and i couldn’t resist. we have a 70%-30% responsibility to this pup, with me being the majority. i was the first to hold him when we met. 2 seconds into it, i fell for him as he licked my chin! ugh… adorable. meet the Dingo:


some days are better than others. some days he pees on the floor, won’t stop chewing on anything, doesn’t seem to be able to hear, thinks that “no” is the most fun game ever, etc. other days he plays so wonderfully with the baxter dog, licks instead of bites, sits when told, eats all of his food, walks nicely, entertains himself, sleeps through the night… and looks amazingly cute while being the calmest dog ever!



the good will outweigh the bad someday; i just wish i hadn’t dumb enough to attempt this in the middle of my most distressing semester of school.

when we got him, the lady said he should be 40-50lbs. upon our first visit to the vet it was noted that he could be 60-70lbs! no way this 13.5lb lil’ guy will be that big right?


well we believe he’s roughly 20ish now, and this pic was about 2 weeks ago. Lord help us!

i leave you with one final image. his favorite spot to chew his toys… my legs. this is about the only way i can study. on my tummy with a fast growing  puppy chewing a toy on my legs!


oh, and in case you’re wondering. he’s not a black lab! surprise!! he’s an australian shepherd/golden retriever, who would’ve thought he’d end up black???



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