a story written from memory for a good friend’s 30th.

“One of the most remarkable things is that no single story I could come up with would encompass what it’s like to be friends with Adam. Each mundane thing that you do has the chance at becoming one in a hundred stories. “Man, I can’t stop eating pizza,” ignites “let’s start a pizza challenge. 30 days of at least one slice per day.” Challenge accepted! “Let’s go hang out on the lake,” births clam-fighting, rope-swinging, and pod-floating. Each TV show I’m recommended by Adam somehow works it’s way into reality; hello Bluth bananas! But by far one of my favorite misadventures stems from my own inability to recognize that I can sing the same song lyric, roughly 7 words, over and over, out loud for days. This particular lyric spawned a dreadful afternoon for pretty much all involved. Maybe some of our friends thought they were just coming over to play croquet, watch a show, eat some pizza, or play Acquire (or “A Choir” if you’re Stacy), but what they didn’t realize was that Adam and I had begun repetitively playing “I’ve Got My Mind Set On You” by George Harrison. This lasted for about 8 solid hours, roughly 137 continuous plays with the music video sprinkled in here and there. Every other person may complain about it, but that song will NEVER get stuck in my head again, and I’ve got the most solid karaoke song in the world. Thanks, Adam!”

i’m grateful i have such a character for a friend.

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