healthy me

who really understands health anyway? not me, at least not for the longest time. i had to take 2 biology classes for a necessary diet change to sink in. rereading what foods are bad/good/other just didn’t come across the first time, and definitely not just from all the FREE things i had read before. all the magazines say over and over what to do to get to your ideal weight, but does anyone really take those to heart? following the advice just seems so haaaaard. and it’s not like the recipes they give you are actually for the 250-400 calorie meal that’s needed to reduce your size. enough bitching. here are a few important things i learned.

1. carbs are not bad, but actually essential – any diet that cuts essential nutrients is probably unhealthy, and in my opinion will leave you with a deficiency causing you to want it more and eventually relapse.
2. half your plate should be fruits/veggies. – this was a hard one for me to wrap my head around. so less than half should be protein/carbs. ah ha!
3. you should eat 4-5 servings of fruits/veggies daily – there were days when i was at none!  i still struggle to make sure i get enough in some days. being conscious of the amount has certainly helped.

the real reason i started this post though was to give some props to some newly discovered (to my diet) vegetables i just so happen to be in love with. a couple of weeks ago my friend and i were having dinner. i helped her by making the salad (not purchasing ingredients, just lending my hands). she retrieved all kinds of vegetables from the refrigerator, lots of which i had never used in cooking particularly not in a salad! the two things i fell in love with: butter lettuce and radishes. i’m not one to stray from spinach or carrots, but now i have two new mandatory ingredients for salads!

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