half marathon numero dos.
cut-to all three of us as a bundle of nerves. we take off with the group and i’m like up with everyone, because it’s relatively slow, as well as a small group ~30, which kinda didn’t make sense. BUT WAIT. i drop my id and have to grab it after there’s a clearing in the pack, and now i’ve lost D&C. i catch up to the pack. look at my phone…. hey wait a minute, i thought we didn’t start till 8:30. did we really just start 30 minutes early… that can’t be right. i turn to the guy next to me…
me: “uh… is this the half?”
him: “ha, yeah, it’s the half…hahaha.”
me: ???
him: “you’re joking, right?”
me: ????
him: “you’re on the 50k right now.”
so almost a mile in, i turn back thinking that there is a totally different course. get back to the start line and begin again with the half marathoners. about mile 3(my 5) i start to bonk, and everything is horrible. i stop, walk hills, get pissed, and keep going.
the water station is at about mile 6. so i finally get there. and we launch into this huge downhill where every step is into gloopy mud. did i mention it rained the ENTIRE time?
finally to a flattish area and realize i’m on leif erikson trail, which i knew we were supposed to be at least for a bit from the turn-by-turn they sent out. so i just f***ing let loose and run fast. about a half mile down, i realize i should not be on LE for this long… i stop and ask some random runners if they’ve seen other halfers… nope…. so now i’m lost and very wet, and getting pretty f-ing tired. i start devising a plan to just say f*** the half, i’m gonna find my car. (not a great plan in retrospect b/c i would have been SO lost, also considered hailing a car to take me back to my car about 3x, one of which was at mile 3ish.)
the turn i missed is a GIANT uphill. so i decide to walk any uphills, b/c i can’t make myself run at all anymore. i get back to the water station, which they tell me i’m at 7.75 miles, (~10.5 b/c of my extra excursions) and i just keep walking right on through.  so i run/walk the rest of the way back. i think i was almost in dead last. that was not fun.
very humbling to say the least. the trailfactor (hey, that’s the name of the race) is actually important.

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