grateful 7.26.13

1. hope 2. being real 3. gosh this pup drives me crazy, but i love cuddling with him. 4. watching eric “jump” off a diving board 5. plants! 6. house-sitting 7. ginger smoothies 8. august weekends are full of tons of fun: bridge pedal, backpacking, the talk, wine-tasting, alison/steve 9. miguel’s spunk 10. fro yo […]

on pain.

sometimes pain is good. like when you’re working out, and it takes everything you’ve got to keep going because your muscles are being stretched and pulled repeatedly. you do this over and over again until one day, they don’t bother you so much. the pain is almost nonexistent. where did it go? that’s my question […]

to understand.

i have been searching for a lot of things in my life. i think one that i let take hold was a way to give back to the world; this is called generativity. my human development class taught me the traditional age for someone is somewhere in their 40-60’s. i started probably around age 14, […]

the hike.

the hike. so a couple weeks ago, i was supposed to go backpacking with cait, jeb, alex, julie, and guillermo. everyone but cait and i backed out. we decided instead to go on a crazy early night hike. our goal was to start at like 4 or earlier. due to some misdirection we finally got […]