house sitting.

beginning my house sitting week with laying on the couch with the pup, browsing the web (something i’ve been straying from recently), and watching some tv. this is going to be a good week, i think.

my anxiety was really bad yesterday. i think it’s because i have too much time to free think on fridays. ease on up there brain!

i got to work ALL day today. and will ALL day tomorrow. no problem. i will just try to get this song stuck in my head:

i love my siblings. and my friends. and my puppy. and laying on this couch. and i think i’m going to take an awesome bath in this massive tub (think boobs and butt covered!). and arrested development. and my step-grandparents. and my parents. and learning. and waking up to not a hangover. and thinking i should run, but not pushing myself. and overeating at the consult and not feeling bad. and wearing skinny jeans. and not worrying about things incessantly. yay!

give me a reason to NOT play that song on repeat. i have none.


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