grateful 8.22.13

1. brutal honesty 2. family 3. friends 4. making choices together 5. i think i really understand what i’m doing!! whoa! 6. running 7. being stupid enough to tell 1 billion people my circumstances, thus forcing me to go through it all again and accept it. 8. getting my head on straight. 9. alison and […]

reactions. not a light post.

this description is scarily accurate… “Reactions to illness and death vary widely and adolescents grieve differently than adults and younger children. Some may appear fine, but are concealing their feelings. This behavior may have many consequences in the future such as: intense grief reactions, personality disturbances, depression, problems forming intimate relationships, and somatization; the transference […]

8.14.13 grateful.

1. 2 pups 2. running dingo 3. beeks chats 4. cait agreeing to a wee morning airport transport 5. eric and me, fave picture. 6. “tomario” ┬áis the word! 7. exercise. 8. still not knowing how to spell exercise correctly the first time. 9. jason/g/alex/E on the bridge pedal 10. cuticle cream. 11. my dog […]

easy peasy pancakes

OMG. one of my new favorite breakfasts (or lunch… or dinner) is so easy. only 2 ingredients and gluten free. i don’t really buy into the gluten intolerance fad, but i don’t think i need it at every meal either. i was told recently that our bodies can synthesize the sugars we need and don’t […]

grateful 8.5.13

1. itinerary. 2. the E, my job is the best. 3. new friends. 4. old friends. 5. “it ended in a good-night hug. i was not expecting that.” 6. beach. 7. at least TRY to cleanse. 8. i really like hanging out in groups. 9. gardens, even if they’re not mine 10. my puppy loves […]