easy peasy pancakes

OMG. one of my new favorite breakfasts (or lunch… or dinner) is so easy. only 2 ingredients and gluten free. i don’t really buy into the gluten intolerance fad, but i don’t think i need it at every meal either. i was told recently that our bodies can synthesize the sugars we need and don’t necessarily need carbs (still need to look into the science, but we do get sugar from fruits/veggies as well). also, i’m always looking to make recipes simpler, and this one is quick!

i need:
-2 eggs
-1 banana

1. mash banana. it’s okay to be a little lumpy, i’ve discovered.
2. beat eggs and mashed banana together.
3. spoon onto hot skillet like regular pancakes.
4. enjoy.

see how easy?! i’d say it would make about 6 – 4 inch pancakes easily. yum!

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