my greatest strength… and weakness

i know that probably everyone could say this, but my greatest strength is also my biggest weakness. and everyone’s is probably the same. i don’t know why, but i feel mine may be somehow greater than most.

my strength: i love hard.
my weakness: i love hard.

why this is a strength:
-people recognize this and flock to me in some ways
-i can empathize with absolutely anyone about anything they do.
-i can give a lot of love and attention.

why this is a weakness:
-i often hurt myself rather than others
-people can easily take advantage of my empathy
-i need a LOT of love and attention.

for a long time, i’ve tried to repress many feelings, and one of which was being affected by love. it protected me in ways that i’ve needed for a long time. i always thought my logic was my strength, but it was actually my demise. now that some of this is recognized i’m both excited and nervous for my future. so many people have the potential to hurt me now. i’m going to have to figure out the lines not to cross. this process scares me. i didn’t have any lines before which has allowed me to maintain many deep friendships, but now i have to look carefully and consciously at all behaviors to assess where to go with friendships and lovers. i think i just had some very unintentionally messed up morals or expectations or something. my attention seeking practices before are not what i will be carrying forward now. i will seek healthy connections. i progress from this point.

my nervous excitement is unparalleled.  lord, help me!

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