smoothie love.

i have a problem with food. i want it to be super delish all the time. i’m sure we all know how that goes. for a very long time i’ve eaten whatever i want whenever without much mind for how it affected me. i’m a relatively skinny-ish person anyway, but putting some effort in definitely makes me feel and look better.

my favorite discovery when i switched up my diet was the idea of sneaking foods i detest, namely veggies, into smoothies. i started simple with spinach, berries and almond milk. now i throw just about anything into a smoothie! it’s just a matter of how you combine it! i found a recipe that included super-food kale that i’ve been tweaking on now for about a year.

original recipe:
almond milk

seems healthy enough, right? well there’s a lot of sugar in all of those fruits, but just not enough to stomp out that bitterness only kale can give… i’ve found the solution! fresh ginger and lemon. if you put these two with the kale you can add just about anything else to make it edible!

today’s smoothie:
small amount of berries
1/3 of lemon
1 in. ginger
japanese cucumber (loathe, but i drink this for health right?)
green tea

it turned out so well! i just love the bite the ginger gives, and the lemon neutralizes the kale. i love tricking myself into being healthy!!!!


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