if my life were perfect

i would have a regular running schedule that i stuck to.

i would see my friends more regularly.

i would live by my sister.

i would see the rest of my family regularly enough to have strong bonds.

i would have a boyfriend i loved dearly.

i would play something cool, like the banjo.

i would not let this blog slip like i have with all other blogs.

i would inspire people to do great things.

i would by emotionally stable.

i would read more.

i would be neater.

i would speak a foreign language.

i would travel to one place a year i’d never been.

i would get straight a’s in school.

i would get into the grad school of my choice.

i would have a body that looks only like mine, but like the fittest, most toned version.

i would be really funny.

i would ALMOST always be prepared.

i would dwell in the space where i have everyone figured out.

i would be a confidant to many.

i would be simple and elegant, but in a rockstar way.

i would be a go-to person for music.

i would create.

i would only laugh at adversity.

i would live much as i do now, by the seat of my pants.

…should probably get started, eh?


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