what to do with 10 ears of corn?!


make salsa! duh!


my boss is kind enough to give me some unused veggies from their produce box. over the last three weeks she has gifted me 10 ears of corn! that is a lot of corn when your grill has neither a propane tank, nor a well exposed area to grill. so what did i do? corn salsa recipe! (i intrinsically decide to make salsa out of any produce i receive or buy too much of.)

red onion
jalapeños, like 2 if you have less than 10 corns 🙂
garlic cloves
salt/pepper to taste… i don’t even know if i threw in any.

1. roast pan in a skillet until more yellow with a bit of brown here and there.
2. chop onion, cilantro, jalapeños, garlic
3. cut corn from cob into bowl
4. squeeze juice of lime(s) on top
5. mix.
6. i think i tried to make this list longer than it has to be.

mine turned out fairly spicy given i left in the seeds, but i like a good mouth burner. the amount of corn made mine a bit more… corn-y then i think is normal for an entire bunch of cilantro, head of garlic, and 3 jalapeños, but i know for next time! now i just have SO much corn salsa. really wishing it was mexi-month already!


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