if my life were perfect

i would have a regular running schedule that i stuck to. i would see my friends more regularly. i would live by my sister. i would see the rest of my family regularly enough to have strong bonds. i would have a boyfriend i loved dearly. i would play something cool, like the banjo. i […]

grateful 9.11.13

1. being brave enough to state my opinion 2. free eggs! thanks mack! 3. moving up the ladder. “you know you’re going to have to carry the program.” 4. running, always running 5. lunch with erica, eat that beet! 6. hike with nate, want to look at the useless map again? …yeah. 7. practico mi […]

smoothie love.

i have a problem with food. i want it to be super delish all the time. i’m sure we all know how that goes. for a very long time i’ve eaten whatever i want whenever without much mind for how it affected me. i’m a relatively skinny-ish person anyway, but putting some effort in definitely […]

grateful 9.9.13

1. eric 2. fire on the mountain x2 3. day drinking with beeks, cait, jenny, nick mokey, jeb, miguel, joe, becca, etc. 4. east byrnes 5. wurst 6. hammer-thrown construction cone 7. named 8. late night chat with nick 9. couch crashing 10. brunch! 11. 3 naps 12. running with miguel 13. beers with ER, […]

my spirit animal: sea otters

i’ve been day-dreaming about what my spirit animal is for years. it’s been quite hard to pinpoint, when suddenly, a while ago i discovered a fact about sea otters that i just knew made us compatible… they carry around their favorite rock! what?! i usually have tokens and trinkets that i play with while talking, […]