grateful 11.20.13

1. time to think 2. video chats that last 2+ hours 3. saying what you think when you think it. 4. best friends 5. coffee… lots 6. work keeps me moving. 7. done with BA class! 8. running plans. 9. broc-cheese casserole. 10. writing and writing and writing in circles hoping they lead somewhere eventually.

to fly or not to fly?

that is the question. well here we are. finally. kind of. i thought it would feel different. that i would be more excited or something. max broke things off. i think the thing is that he was so excited to do it and go down our road, but now i don’t see any of the […]

14 years.

14 years. today is significant for my life in a lot of ways. i know today isn’t the exact date, but this is the day i’ve chosen. today i’ve lived more of my life without my mother than with. i am alone today which is how i like it. i can’t stand being forced to […]

grateful 11.14.13

1. thinking like lee. 2. thinking like eric. 3. tea. lots of tea. 4. more hours 5. great schedule 6. rb seems to be having more trouble than me. sister drinks would insert nicely here. 7. half a month paid! 8. christmas seems not so distant 9. people who love me. 10. fruits and veggies.

blah. 11.14.13

am i a crazy person? i don’t think so… right now i feel totally fine, but there’s something amiss. i’m devoid of feeling. what if this is how people are normally? or how they get on in their daily life? i don’t know. there just seem to be so many mountains and valleys this year. […]

grateful 11.13.13

1. i love the ways that we are different. 2. e-boy 3. Skype wake-up 4. productive wednesday 5. i want to learn to love everyone better 6. mexi bowls! 7. library 8. coffee 9. planning the future i want. 10. “happy thingsgiving”…wrong holiday, dude, that’s christmas!

grateful 11.6.13

1. boy! oh boy! 2. “don’t do that. we’re having an adult conversation.” 3. christmas plans 4. GRE sign-up 5. teeth cleaning… here’s hoping it’s not too bad (impossible) 6. not bombing a test 7. yoga! 8. i can listen to a song on repeat… a lot 9. naming the biz. maybe 10. school this. […]

grateful 11.1.13

1. november means thanksgiving! 2. my sister. 3. keeping level headed 4. watching e play the piano while on the phone 5. mack talk 6. alissa email 7. figuring out the grad school 8. face masks 9. lazy morning 10. caitlin 11. KP’s new album 12. pink hair! 13. ┬áthe elf man (pics soon)