my turtle.

i received a turtle necklace. the words with it say: “LIVE IN THE MOMENT make a wish and put on your necklace. a turtle lives mindfully, purposefully and happily. wear your necklace as a reminder to slow down, savor the moments and discover the joy of being present.” this year is big for me. my […]


i think a lot in my life, i’ve been afraid to want things. anything you plan doesn’t really turn out the way that you want anyway, right? that’s a vicious little cycle, life. so why do we plan things then? well because great things can happen if you do. you could meet and exceed your […]

grateful 12.9.13

1. chrismahannuhthankwanzasolstimas! 2. working. 3. not working. 4. watching enough tv to rot my brain 5. studying some 6. facetiming 7. antlers 8. being lazy enough to wear pajamas for 2 days straight 9. working out on the job 10. marrying my best friend on Facebook, again! 11. good tunes 12. good laughs 13. good […]

grateful 12.4.13

1. last day of phonetics. 2. tomorrow is last day of behavioral neuroscience. 3. thanksgivakkah 1 and 2 4. andrew beeks 5. josh and peaches 6. being around a family for thanksgiving 7. 6 lbs. of brussels 8. sweet potato bourbon noodle kuegle 9. tea immediately followed by coffee in the morning 10. addictions 11. […]