i really miss my friend

i’ve been thinking a lot of max lately. obviously, i can’t stop the triggers, but maybe i should consider ignoring the tendency to delve into the max thought process. i wish things had turned out differently and almost every day i have something i want to share with him. he was my best friend! i […]

grateful 3.15.14

1. “happy ever after” – lera lynn 2. this is the first day in a long time that i woke up when i wanted to, precisely. 3. reading in bed 4. sun in portland 5. purple trees are poppin’ 6. low-key night = eating shrimp salad and passing out to a movie. 7. baxter snuggles […]


i’ve been very sad lately about max. this is what came out earlier, i may try to make it into a song or something when i actually learn banjo or whatever. you know, after school: my thoughts are sad today the light and love i have was dampened it’s like a part of me is […]

grateful 3.12.14

1. running 2. the avetts are mine 3. getting the study in line 4. over hellacious mondays! 5. strangers talking to me 6. a little coffee + snack 7. truely detecting 8. a friendly texty-text 9. talking to stace-face 10. such a considerate partner! 11. “can we have sex today?” said like so sweetly… 12. […]