grateful 4.28.14

1. talking about things2. a change for the better3. synchronized dance!4. monsters at bonfire and josh’s bday5. sarah boobs, new friend6. canceling all my plans7. boozey hike with my portland faves. (N+B+B)8. family dinner9. movie with the E10. “i just want to stop by for a kiss”11. “i’m seriously so happy about things between us […]

grateful 4.22.14

1. friends that talk and listen 2. figuring out what i want 3. yoga 4. interview! 5. on it! like scarily much 6. running 7. dance yrself clean on repeat! 8. remix 9. neckbeard things 10. letting go of bad feelings 11. feeling calm 12. i love the E and the Lee 13. “you don’t […]

and so it goes.

nate texted me to grab a drink yesterday. i think this means he has something to tell me. beeks thinks he just misses me and may want to get back together. with the way things ended, i don’t think that’s true. i think all of this is confusing me. OKAY. scratch all of that. i […]

grateful 4.20.14

1. becca bar-crawl 2. bug-eggs 3. beers on beers on beers 4. dogs 5. alone time 6. dancing 7. running! 8. walking 9. miguel, joe, aly, dustin, becs, cj, grassy, jeb, stephen, alex + new friends! 10. laughing and talking incessantly 11. studying 12. soaking pool with mack 13. bill, brandon, torri, becs, jeb

grateful 4.18.14

1. songs on songs on songs 2. weird shit, like this: 3. fattie lunch 4. running in the day 5. half days at work! 6. nike pillage! 7. interviews 8. layin in the bed 9. free sangria 10. face masks

grateful 4.15.14

1. soy sauce is delish 2. trying to think healthFULLy 3. dad and lilly in pdx? possible! 4. remembering the good. 5. the shock to the heart lets me know i’m alive 6. running… even when i don’t want to 7. i really do enjoy a turkey sammie 8. plans on plans on plans 9. […]

grateful 4.14.14

1. becca 2. beeks 3. new friend? 4. jenny beer 5. playing someone else’s tinder 6. hike 7. cj, jamie, husband? 8. being strong 9. opportunities to redo! what a weird breakie sammie without an egg.. 10. driving separately 11. sing-a-long songs on repeat 12. what’s that? huh? excuse me? what? what now? 13. 14 […]

grateful 4.9.14

1. dance breaks 2. sleeping in… relative to 6am. 3. planning plans 4. turkey sandwiches. so simple. so good. 5. this americone dream is free! 6. writing 7. reading 8. almost having it together 9. sunglasses 10. sunny work walk


i’m not sure i’ve even written about this yet…. also i just realized the content i just posted an hour ago did not save! oh well… I AM SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED. i booked my ticket for NZ a couple weeks ago. i also enlisted 3 (2 confirmed) of my friends to go with me. we […]