i’m not sure i’ve even written about this yet…. also i just realized the content i just posted an hour ago did not save! oh well…

I AM SO FREAKIN’ EXCITED. i booked my ticket for NZ a couple weeks ago. i also enlisted 3 (2 confirmed) of my friends to go with me. we take off from portland on dec 23 and have a 24 hour layover in HI, which means christmas eve/christmas on the beach! i thought i’d be spending my birthday alone sucking down fancy drinks and hoping not to miss my flight, which surprisingly sounded appealing to me. typically i spend it with my family, BUT this year i will have my 3 best friends with me partying on a beach in honolulu. yes, please! we then will be traveling around the south island most of the time we’re in NZ. so great! with eyes on hikes, wine tasting, sight seeing, and possibly sky-diving, who could be more excited than this girl!?

although the above is going to be amazing to the nth degree. the thing that makes my mind explode is being able to spend copious amounts of time with my favorite person on earth, my sister Rachel! i really don’t care what we do or don’t do. i might just spend the whole time staring at her and laughing at her jokes!

i have a magical life.


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