grateful 5.27.14

1. texting rb 2. speaking truth 3. helping self 4. beeks walk 5. eric emailed you, i know i emailed him back! 6. bbq 7. holding a baby, and not dropping it, 1-1! 8. cuddling with the boy in the theater 9. we’re gonna be fine, there’s so much good here 10. feeling the ab-burn

grateful 5.25.14

1. you’re really good to me2. coffee3. walking4. chatting with a small group5. making fun of people and having them laugh6. someone trying to get me up because they want to hang out7. jenny and camille’s fun party8. baxter9. rb texts10. cc texts11. updates12. friends on friends13. laughing14. coffee shop dates for studying15. baxter curled […]

grateful 5.22.14

1. a break2. “darling”3. coffee4. beard walks5. training6. class buddy7. hours!8. fancy, summer song9. we’ll be with all of our friends, having a great time10. it’s nothing that you want, but everything you need. or the flip. 

grateful 5.19.14

1. boyfriend!2. 8 hours together, minimum today.3. alone time to reboot4. chinese food!5. wine night6. das hans and das rose7. cuddle buddy8. e man with baxter9. low key night10. bed at 8:30pm11. pics of us… “at least i own them!”12. planning plans13. getting things done in the morning

grateful 5.16.14

1. surprise hi from brandon! 2. 100.5% on test! 3. snoozing on couch 4. bf so cute 5. sleeping through class 6. forgetting about work… again 7. coffee date 8. “you have work, you dumb idiot” 9. baxter buddy 10. brownie sundae… not good with cardamom… but i’ll eat it.

grateful 5.15.14

1. class friend 2. park beers 3. lunch in the sun 4. fro YO 5. getting the writing done 6. PJ’s za and sticks 7. the boy early morn cuddle sesh 8. we need to spend 8 hours of daylight in bed 9. “i want to go because i’ll have fun with you” 10. CA […]