grateful 7.30.14

1. attentive sister 2. good friends 3. “i can skip it if it’s important” 4. bed + coffee + writing 5. tasty tuesday 6. morning to myself 7. filed! 8. got rid of wretched desk 9. morning walks 10. late evening talks with roomies Advertisements

anxiety sickness

i feel very ill right now. like my heart is caught in my throat again. in yoga yesterday, brittany said that the mind and the body are connected. that if one is abuzz the other will be as well. i feel in my body what my mind does not want to deal with, i’ve known […]

for the good of the weekend.

so.. as an apology for making me worry. nathan brought me a few i’m sorry things. 1) i’m sorry bagels. 2) i’m sorry cigarettes.(mainly for him) 3) i’m sorry but you’re going to be very relaxed on the beach pills. they worked! or namely, he worked. he started making jokes almost instantly about disappearing after […]

grateful 7.23.14

1. a little extra downtime in my work day 2. snake charmer queen 3. bestie does everything with me 4. girlie size at killer burger. i wouldve exploded. 5. teriyaki chicken and steak -oh my 8-oh-8! 6. secret surprise for sister 7. chris to pdx! 8. knowledge 9. crossing things off “that” list. 10. i […]

grateful 7.21.12

1. can you text me more? and yes! he can! 2. a show for 2 3. cha cha cha 4. wait, you don’t want a fancy drink? lets get outta here! 5. damn you tinnitus! 6. keeping the sister in the text 7. being calm 8. friday night could go either way… to white owl! […]

grateful 7.10.14

1. spending QT not getting a fan 2. someone else has drama, not me. 3. i love e and lee a lot. 4. sister phone chat! 5. becca beer! 6. working out and feeling the butt move! 7. king harvest breakie 8. clear days in the port of land. 9. talking a lot 10. BBQ […]


i keep having dreams about us breaking up. i am constantly trying to squelch this fear, but boom, sleep time = unlucky thoughts. i need to manage the dreams! i’m trying to work out how to bring this up. last time did not go well. in fact i was told that i was wrong and […]

grateful 7.7.14

1. active partner! 2. show 3. the dance rape 4. late wake up 5. chatty bf 6. soaking pool 7. chillin at my house 8. hot, hot 4th of july 9. boat-works! 10. cap’n jenny 11. chilling on my laptop, stealing time alone 12. brunch and mango mimosas 13. to the shut! 14. fun in […]

Grateful 7.2.14

1. Maroon 5. How did I forget? 2. Happy tunes 3. Gettin back at the list 4. Makin food 5. Not being involved in a fucked relationship 6. It only takes you 2 to get back on the wagon… Of booze. 7. 174 days 8. Claritin saves my life 9. Practicing calm and happy 10. […]