grateful 7.7.14

1. active partner!
2. show
3. the dance rape
4. late wake up
5. chatty bf
6. soaking pool
7. chillin at my house
8. hot, hot 4th of july
9. boat-works!
10. cap’n jenny
11. chilling on my laptop, stealing time alone
12. brunch and mango mimosas
13. to the shut!
14. fun in the sun
15. jess making the boat
16. watching the cuteness of the bf with the cuteness of a child
17. lotion buddies
18. hot takis are gross, but a mandatory try.
19. the hottest thai, with the hottest guy
20. snoozing in 3,…. that’s it
21. waves of grain!
22. someone creamed my pants.
23. bec’s return
24. car-ride with tha man
25. hiking mountain tops to see tres montanas and a sea of evergreen
26. not swimming in the lake.
27. stuck in traffic, but together…
28. new seasons burrito dinner
29. fallen lightly to sleep on couch with beeks.

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