grateful 7.21.12

1. can you text me more? and yes! he can!
2. a show for 2
3. cha cha cha
4. wait, you don’t want a fancy drink? lets get outta here!
5. damn you tinnitus!
6. keeping the sister in the text
7. being calm
8. friday night could go either way… to white owl!
9. nathan, chris, bill, rebecca crew
10. meeting up and having a good time with greg, yay new friend zach!
11. rebecca sucks at shuffleboard. i win, 1-1.
12. late night talk… not so great, but it’s definitely for the better
13. “this is the most i’ve been in contact with a girlfriend. ever.”
14. coffee alone time.
15.modeling with mack
16. safeway convergence
17. “im in a salty mood” “yeah, it’s not great.” “lemme just throw these two OPMosas back. there, better!”
18. you look great against this sky.
19. you look hot…
20. COAB! sung by beeks…. x 45
21. playing in the water.
22. chicken fights
23. “hey dude, do you want to go stand 3in deep in water? yeah dude”
24. “were talking about dirty talk” chris (backing away slowly): “oh, so yeah, uh….”
25. chicken cutlets
26. jenny, nathan, beeks, camille to pine street!
27. mimosas round 2
28. staying inside like all day…
29. a pause in the friends for some hot sex.
30. new favorite joke
31. taking 45 mins to decide to eat at separate places, but together.
32. M,M,M
33. watching movies together
34. lets play heads up just the 2 of us
35. running my hands along my hot boyfriends body for hours
36. foot massages
37. you’re insane right now… (too bad it’s hilarious) what are YOU doing
38. #boatlyfe
39.  manually waking up chris
40. that feeling where i spend more than 24 hours with a person and still want more time. i’ve never felt that before. i love it.
41. “i feel so lazy” “yeah, stop moving.”
42. did i mention the hot, hot sex i have with my equally hot boyfriend?
43. one hilarious deleted picture.
44. my boyfriend is handy! new toilet handle 🙂

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