for the good of the weekend.

so.. as an apology for making me worry. nathan brought me a few i’m sorry things. 1) i’m sorry bagels. 2) i’m sorry cigarettes.(mainly for him) 3) i’m sorry but you’re going to be very relaxed on the beach pills. they worked! or namely, he worked. he started making jokes almost instantly about disappearing after a drink, which made me feel better. i know he was fine, but still! the other part was that he was almost completely glued to me that day. or me to him. i love it. when we got to the beach, we just parked it right next to each other and talked and talked. then went tubing, solo, i’m apparently not very good, but was also the first to go and don’t really know what i’m doing. he was great about not letting me get down on my non-mad tubing skills. then went to a different beach and were pretty much glued to each other again. in and out of the water. we came home and basically bounded upstairs away from our friends to have some really hot sex. then, we had to go to respective dog-sitting houses, reconvening after about an hour to eat and go lay on a couch and talk about twilight. we slept on the couch together uncomfortably pretty much all night. i went back to j&c’s to do doggy things, and we made plans for lunch, where we sat and discussed plans for the day and then ditched them all to have sex and sleep all afternoon. whatta weekend!

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