10.31.14 – flaws

question: what is the happiest headline in the news today? answer: i haven’t even looked! maybe this means i’m too into myself. when do people have time to look at the news. mostly i’m struggling to open my eyes before work. then i work > then to other work> and here!

10.29.30-10.30.14 fuck was i thinking

questions had to be bundled from yesterday and today as well. 10.29.14 question: are you settling for something? answer: maybe. it doesn’t feel like it right now, but probably. i’m trying not to settle for love or career or anything else, but i’m sick of waiting to find someone special. and i can’t seem to […]

songs 3 and 4.

i got kind of busy yesterday… so this one is a combo. song 3 – a song that reminds you of one or both of your parents: edelweiss. my mom loved musicals, and dad would end up singing this one to us. song 4 – a song that calms you down: be not so fearful […]

songs 2.

a song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend. that would have to be “cameras” by matt & kim. this song was introduced to me by my little sister. she made me a cd over christmas break and it popped out as a continuous play in my head. on new years, it was one […]

10.28.14 – stolen dance

question: what is the last movie you saw? answer: it was about 10 days ago or so. i’m headed to NZ in december and as such am trying to study the landscape by watching the lord of the rings trilogy. we turned on the 2nd of the series, but instead of rewatching, becca decided it […]

grateful 10.28.14

1. i still don’t know what month it is. 2. halloween prep fun! 3. making fun of beeks’ throat. 4. “missing” my first alarm 5. making flash cards. 6. getting clear on what’s next 7. acceptance. 8. yoga in the evening, yoga in the morning 9. hot yoga instructor 10. coffee timer

songs 1.

A song from your childhood. freak nasty – when i dip you dip. yup. that’s the one consistently on the tip of my tongue when i get thrown back to childhood. i remember at some point i learned a little bit of the lyrics and i was hanging out with my sister, rach. neither of […]