10.27.14 – the head and the heart

i’m going to try something

well, i’ve been kind of down on myself for not being creative. it’s time to change that. i found some things on pinterest. once a day items. so i’m going to be answering a different question a day… hopefully there are more though, because i have about half the months in no particular order. ah! what will i ever do?!

question: how many emails did you have today?

answer: gmail does this really nice separation thing! primary, social, and promotional categories. i NEVER check the last two, unless it’s on accident. or through my phone. so i’m on my computer today… i had 2 emails. that’s all! and they were confirmations of payments i made this morning. they are both unmarked and i will most likely delete them before opening. i don’t place much value on email, since i quit PI. the urge to get back to people is a bit stifled. unless it’s for rach’s wedding. i try to get on board with that 🙂 maybe because it’s the fun stuff!


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