10.28.14 – stolen dance

question: what is the last movie you saw?

answer: it was about 10 days ago or so. i’m headed to NZ in december and as such am trying to study the landscape by watching the lord of the rings trilogy. we turned on the 2nd of the series, but instead of rewatching, becca decided it was time for my education of new zealand from her trip. for roughly an hour or more we preceded to walk through her photos… back to front. they were gorgeous mostly, but mostly laced with “here’s darin being mad at me/here’s where he decided to break up with me/this is where we almost got in a fight” sad, but true. i remember rachel saying that she had talked becca into breaking up with darin on that trip. ultimately it was him and much later, but at least they both knew they weren’t right for each other. anyway. my movie experience was thwarted, yet i will attempt again before we leave!


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