songs 2.

a song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend.

that would have to be “cameras” by matt & kim. this song was introduced to me by my little sister. she made me a cd over christmas break and it popped out as a continuous play in my head. on new years, it was one of two songs that i made us play repeatedly. seriously, a lot. when nathan and i got back together in april, we still loved this song. we ended up making a dance routine to it and would attempt to rehearse with people in the car with us. at some point, we wanted to see matt & kim perform this. we even wanted to be dressed in black pants and red sweatshirts. i bought us matching sweatshirts that we wore on our first trip on jenny’s boat. no one commented! oh well, it was our thing 🙂 i also think this video is utterly hilarious.


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