i hate that i love him.

“you’re one of my best friends.” i didn’t even know i had that title. a bit of a shocker for me. after everything, can i forgive and proceed like this? i don’t know if it’s worth it. i’m left wanting either way, but actively choosing to remain close to someone that has such an affect […]

songs 20-22

i know i’ve missed several days… but i will only do 3 right now. i need a bit to catch up on most of my posts. 20 the last song in your iTunes: 911 – gorillas and d12. i don’t even know that i’ve heard it yet… i downloaded a lot of gorillaz and just […]

grateful 11.24.14

1. claire! 2. days off that roll 3. i want to be strong enough to say no. i haven’t felt like that before 4. josh’s rents 5. sarah 6. wine date with becca 7. becca is pretty great 8. mack can relate 9. i want to pick kris’ brain 10. less than a month!!!

songs 18 and 19.

18: a song that you love but rarely listen to: i’m not sure i’m comfortable with this one. for starters, if i loved a song, i would listen to it on repeat until i detested it. which makes this a bewildering issue, right? hm. what to say, what to say? okay, so this was on […]

songs 16 and 17

16 – a song that has made you cry. well, i’m not sure any song has really made me cry. the people i attach to them do. the last one was flaws by bastille. it accurately depicted nathan and i. i listened to it on repeat for several days. and cried for most of them […]

songs 14-15.

14. a song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend. well, well, well, i don’t have one of those! instead of a big group of friends, and what i’ll say to that is blank space by t.swift. they’re in love with right now. 15. a song that you love singing too. i always forget of my […]

11.10.14-11.11.14: your song

11.10.14: what shocked you? waking up with the most jovial disposition. i mean like birds were chirping in circles around my head! that was shocking. toady is a new day too, i’m so happy to be here. 11.11.14: what was the last lie you told? “he’s probably just dealing with stuff on his end and […]