songs 16 and 17

16 – a song that has made you cry. well, i’m not sure any song has really made me cry. the people i attach to them do. the last one was flaws by bastille. it accurately depicted nathan and i. i listened to it on repeat for several days. and cried for most of them as well. i just wanted to change everything, but you can’t change people only the ways they interact with you. neither of us was capable of it. we continued to put each other’s feelings on extinction.

17 – a song that makes you want to dance. i’ll go with… whoa. this is harder to think about then i realized! i’m a pretty dancey person so this should be easy. i guess there’s not much motivating me right now. how about arctic monkeys – why’d you only call me when you’re high. this one gets my head bobbing and swaying from side to side. nope. that’s not it. ummmm, i was dancing to boom clap earlier.

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