grateful 11.11.14

1. beeks… 2. butterfingers shame 3. “i know what happened here” – chris 4. yoga 5. extra cash 6. new words 7. josh, lemme give you this job 8. a corrugated tree 9. thanksgiving is so close! 10. also, yum kip pork on the horizon

grateful 11.10.14

1. today! 2. movies 3. new experiences in the ‘couv 4. we found chopsticks! (the original. and will never go) 5. taking down teriyaki with beeks 6. beeks is my bestie. 7. drinking 1,000,000 refreshies 8. talking words. 9. 1/2 bagel mornings 10. i’m going to see rachie so soon. what what?!

11.7.14-11.9.14 – the girl

11.7: list 5 things you wish you had with you today. rachel. chris. caitlin. max. lauren. 11.8: what are the achievements you are most proud of? i’m proud of running a successful studio. and of eric and lee’s strides. of running a half marathon. of being receptive to all. 11.9: what gadgets did you use […]

songs 12-13

12 – the last song you heard: lord – tennis court beeks just dragged me to the aquarium shop where i now presume everyone must have a nose ring to work at; i’m surprise that they didn’t ask me if i needed an application. i guess it would be pretty sweet to work there if […]

grateful 11.9.14

1. beyonce karaoke, at least my friends were there 2. alissa! 3. AWOL 4. mack 5. new scarf! 6. lazy day 7. maybe someone wants to work for me 8. west winging in the morning 9. refreshies of the pomplemousse flavor 10. burgers with beeks.

grateful 11.8.14

1. an opportunity arises 2. i love my sister so much! 3. a dress for feeling pretty 4. bill hang 5. runs 6. bestie cooking me breakie sammie 7. meats on meats 8. learning new words 9. picking up lee. 10. mack is like a sister.

11.6.14 breezeblocks

if you could get rid of one of your habits, what would it be? nailbiting. i devour my nails. the most irritating part of this habit is that it only recurs every so often. i will go for months without biting them or years to the point that they are currently gnawed. they are painfully […]

grateful 11.6.14

1. yoga 2. half day off 3. impromptu lunch with new british friend 4. getting stuff done 5. pizza 6. dinner planned 7. making people laugh at least once 8. roomie chats. like, the tv wasn’t even on 9. watching tv 10. deciding not to watch tv.

songs 8, 9, and 10.

8. a song that reminds you of your “first-love” – whoa, this is tougher than i thought. i guess it would have to be sublime “summertime.” he was a skater-boy and we all listened incessantly to sublime. now, i find them grating now 9. a song that makes you hopeful. – avett brothers “summertime” this […]