i’m here!

i made it to the land of oy. i mean of oz, silly! it’s pretty cool. i really like not driving. if i ever move again, i hope that i will never need a car again! fat chance, but this girl is dreaming of train lines. it just takes out so much stress right now. you don’t have to be alert to sit on a train, except that one time i missed my flight, because i missed my stop… oopsie! where did i have to be though? just melbourne!

so the cool thing about traveling by yourself is that you get to deal with only one person’s emotions, yours! like people get so stressed about things. but when i missed that plane and was like, “well that’ll teach me to text furiously early in the morning!” so yeah. i hung out in the airport a little longer. i fucking love the airport. it was a quality time to scope people’s outfits since the style is quite different… unfortunately i spent that QT changing my spotify with free interwebz. maybe someday i’ll get around to those fancy duds.

the downside of traveling by yourself is that you have to deal with everything you feel alone. see what i did there? (it’s an up AND a down) i got very intensely lonely in the evenings and upon waking. not that another person would have changed my tv/shower routine, but it’s always better to have someone to sift through silence with, at least that’s what i believe. maybe i’ll get used to it!

anyway, sydney is great. i love being around rach and chris. trying to attach onto new friends where i can.



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