my 30th birthday


my 30th birthday was so special. i hadn’t even intended it to be that way, like i didn’t and don’t necessarily care about my birthdays. and i don’t really have a problem with getting older by number. so, i think it makes it all the more special.

i was in a place i never expected to be. thailand. with my best friend, caitlin. thailand wasn’t a high priority on my list of places to travel, however my attitude is to get anywhere i can. caitlin told me that sydney was pretty undoable, and asked if i wanted to join her and megan in thailand. YES! absolutely.


on my birthday we had booked a tour for khao sok lake. it was truly magical. a long boat ride surrounded by limestone and sprawling green on a big, flat beautiful lake. a beer between happy friends. a hike with an unbeatable view. delish food that none of us had to separate to prepare. a swim in warm, deep water. new friends entertained us or us them. straw huts intended for not many people. laughs and a pancake “cake.” no trace of snow. this place promotes a closeness i think is rare these days. without internet – hardly use for phones. it was an amazing, awe-inspiring experience. i hope everyone has a birthday like that once and a while.

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