you think you’re fine. you think life will go on like normal. but it’s just a little, tiny bit different. you think this has happened before. you know you’ve felt it all before. because the same person has hurt you so many times. so this last time, the last feels like almost nothing at all.

a day passes, then a week, now it’s been a few, and you think, hey, we weren’t that close after all. what i felt must not have been that strong, maybe it wasn’t real at all…

the shatter moment.

watch this link. you’ll feel it all.

and then you lay crying until you can’t breathe. who would be across from you? which now stranger would you feel as if no time has passed? that the love you shared can span years of unknown instead of minutes. that you don’t need words.

and then eventually, despite how good that moment feels, you have to let go all over again. you sit across from a new face. and you’re left only with the knowledge that the face came, and now it’s gone again.


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