a nose never lies

what do you do when you are sniffing your floor clothes trying to decipher whether they need washing and realise your nose is incredibly stuffed up from sickness? you can’t tell the difference between might need washing and definitely needs extreme heat and oodles of dryer sheets. the things you smelled two days ago but […]

come on, rain.

the rain in australia is a welcome occurrence. it’s been so hot for so long, just enveloping everything and everyone. most of the grass i see is scorched. i’m not sure how that came about in merely a week, but it’s likely i wasn’t paying attention. it’s heavy and pouring this morning. it’s very, very […]


i’m a sucker for words, so almost every day i find myself researching what different words mean. where did they come from, what do they actually break down into? saudade describes a state of deep melancholy longing for things or people. it combines the elements of happiness and sadness. sadness that the thing or person […]

My buddy. My pal. My friend.

When I left Portland, I knew there would be some other little loves to work with and teach. I flew away from some of the best young men I’ve had the pleasure of working with towards a host of new clients and families I would get to help. Early intervention was not at all my […]