My buddy. My pal. My friend.

When I left Portland, I knew there would be some other little loves to work with and teach. I flew away from some of the best young men I’ve had the pleasure of working with towards a host of new clients and families I would get to help. Early intervention was not at all my forté, but did it have to be? Nope!

I met my client before his assessment even. He was an absolutely, beautiful, big-brown eyed boy with an unbelievably bigger grin. I fell in love immediately. I desperately wanted to work with him and told my sister so. I was with him at the assessment. We did his first Aba session together, and oh man, that boy hit the ground running. Though the first day had tears, it also held laughs and gorgeous smiles. For months now, I’ve been watching him acquire so much information and learning many skills. I can’t believe how much can change in that short a time. I’m so proud of him!!!

Life takes so many routes though, and our last session was today. It was such a beautiful way to end our therapy, spending the day together. I took the last moments to play with the little man, and fought back tears while he flashed me so many smiles. Some days you just wanted to stay rooted to where you sit, and I found it incredibly difficult to walk away from my little favorite and his family. I’m crying on the train! I knew it.

So so so so much love and so much hope for his future. ❤


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