i’m a sucker for words, so almost every day i find myself researching what different words mean. where did they come from, what do they actually break down into?

saudade describes a state of deep melancholy longing for things or people. it combines the elements of happiness and sadness. sadness that the thing or person is now a memory and happiness for having a feelings of joy to reflect on.

there’s a lot of this business happening in my mind recently yet intermittently. i started studying some online coursework for mindfulness, as this feeling, my saudade, rules too much of my life. the coursework tells you to feel completely, but also maintain an observer perspective. this helps you stay present. it’s tricky when the feeling you’re experiencing is one that draws your past to your present, but i’m hoping that with practice, the duration will shorten.

now all i have to do is get all my friends to move to sydney. 🙂

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