“today’s the day”

yes… it certainly was the day. it’s time for a vote in america.

it’s shocking to see the outcome. devastating in fact. how did this happen? i guess for some reason i just thought it was all just a joke. like it wasn’t really real, so i didn’t have to pay attention… or fear. i’m sure that it won’t be as bad as we all imagine. that dump won’t be the worst president we’ve seen. that’s the most i can offer, “he won’t be the worst, probably.”

i keep trolling my feed on Facebook, and there’s no “YAY,” “WE DID IT,” or other racist/homophobic/misogynistic/etc. comments to be seen. all i can think is, how? who??? i must NOT be friends with these people that voted him in, and for that, i can say i’m proud.

let me watch red wedding for the first time into infinity rather than see this american bloodbath.

today is the day that we hug our commiserates, and give “i love you” relentlessly to those that understand our pain.

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