my 30th birthday

  my 30th birthday was so special. i hadn’t even intended it to be that way, like i didn’t and don’t necessarily care about my birthdays. and i don’t really have a problem with getting older by number. so, i think it makes it all the more special. i was in a place i never […]


i’ve been very sad lately about max. this is what came out earlier, i may try to make it into a song or something when i actually learn banjo or whatever. you know, after school: my thoughts are sad today the light and love i have was dampened it’s like a part of me is […]

grateful 9.23.13

1. aquarium with E 2. sleepy eyes. 3. phone with lauren 4. phone with cricketts 5. breaking bad, breaking our hearts, but together. 6. 2 kinds of cookies. 7. movie night saturday 8. grilled cheese, turkey bac, and guac, yum. 9. i think i saved the burn! 10. morning coffee with cait and neha 11. […]

grateful 9.11.13

1. being brave enough to state my opinion 2. free eggs! thanks mack! 3. moving up the ladder. “you know you’re going to have to carry the program.” 4. running, always running 5. lunch with erica, eat that beet! 6. hike with nate, want to look at the useless map again? …yeah. 7. practico mi […]

grateful 9.3.13

1. happy pup 2. lilly chat 3. beeks isn’t going to leave me to fend for myself!! 4. sunny portland 5. hop haven weekend 6. cleaning up those lines. 7. napping from 2-5:30 and still falling asleep last night at 10:30. 8. getting my life in real order. 9. i love eric so much it […]

grateful 7.26.13

1. hope 2. being real 3. gosh this pup drives me crazy, but i love cuddling with him. 4. watching eric “jump” off a diving board 5. plants! 6. house-sitting 7. ginger smoothies 8. august weekends are full of tons of fun: bridge pedal, backpacking, the talk, wine-tasting, alison/steve 9. miguel’s spunk 10. fro yo […]