i’m a sucker for words, so almost every day i find myself researching what different words mean. where did they come from, what do they actually break down into? saudade describes a state of deep melancholy longing for things or people. it combines the elements of happiness and sadness. sadness that the thing or person […]


this is the worst feeling in the world to me. you don’t know where you fit. or what you belong to. or where you’re going. or what you actually want. i know some of it is because of the drinking. there’s a lot changing from day to day too. new people. new feelings. and the […]

grateful 10.9.13

1. cait and neha drive 2. drinking with 8 drunks and 1 preggo 3. hot tub! 4. late night hot tub stumble 5. 10+ strips of bacon for breakfast 6. collective little mermaid singing 7. attempting to study 8. bailey’s in the coffee 9. cabin 10. mt. hood 11. timberline 12. grocery reprieve 13. 24 […]


i now have a really big secret. i can’t tell my best friend, my sister. let’s just say i was celebrating and commiserating yesterday. it was the anniversary of my mother’s death as well as the birthday of my favorite bar. my sister brought me a wonderful keg of bell’s oberon, the single greatest beer […]