i’m a sucker for words, so almost every day i find myself researching what different words mean. where did they come from, what do they actually break down into? saudade describes a state of deep melancholy longing for things or people. it combines the elements of happiness and sadness. sadness that the thing or person […]

smoothie love.

i have a problem with food. i want it to be super delish all the time. i’m sure we all know how that goes. for a very long time i’ve eaten whatever i want whenever without much mind for how it affected me. i’m a relatively skinny-ish person anyway, but putting some effort in definitely […]

easy peasy pancakes

OMG. one of my new favorite breakfasts (or lunch… or dinner) is so easy. only 2 ingredients and gluten free. i don’t really buy into the gluten intolerance fad, but i don’t think i need it at every meal either. i was told recently that our bodies can synthesize the sugars we need and don’t […]

healthy me

who really understands health anyway? not me, at least not for the longest time. i had to take 2 biology classes for a necessary diet change to sink in. rereading what foods are bad/good/other just didn’t come across the first time, and definitely not just from all the FREE things i had read before. all […]