songs 20-22

i know i’ve missed several days… but i will only do 3 right now. i need a bit to catch up on most of my posts. 20 the last song in your iTunes: 911 – gorillas and d12. i don’t even know that i’ve heard it yet… i downloaded a lot of gorillaz and just […]

songs 18 and 19.

18: a song that you love but rarely listen to: i’m not sure i’m comfortable with this one. for starters, if i loved a song, i would listen to it on repeat until i detested it. which makes this a bewildering issue, right? hm. what to say, what to say? okay, so this was on […]

songs 16 and 17

16 – a song that has made you cry. well, i’m not sure any song has really made me cry. the people i attach to them do. the last one was flaws by bastille. it accurately depicted nathan and i. i listened to it on repeat for several days. and cried for most of them […]

songs 14-15.

14. a song that reminds you of your boyfriend/girlfriend. well, well, well, i don’t have one of those! instead of a big group of friends, and what i’ll say to that is blank space by t.swift. they’re in love with right now. 15. a song that you love singing too. i always forget of my […]

songs 12-13

12 – the last song you heard: lord – tennis court beeks just dragged me to the aquarium shop where i now presume everyone must have a nose ring to work at; i’m surprise that they didn’t ask me if i needed an application. i guess it would be pretty sweet to work there if […]

songs 8, 9, and 10.

8. a song that reminds you of your “first-love” – whoa, this is tougher than i thought. i guess it would have to be sublime “summertime.” he was a skater-boy and we all listened incessantly to sublime. now, i find them grating now 9. a song that makes you hopeful. – avett brothers “summertime” this […]

songs 6 and 7.

a song that reminds you of your best friend: you don’t know me at all. rach introduced this one to me. i really loved singing this one in the car on our way to work. we like some similar music and share a lot with each other, but this one just sticks out to me. […]

songs 3 and 4.

i got kind of busy yesterday… so this one is a combo. song 3 – a song that reminds you of one or both of your parents: edelweiss. my mom loved musicals, and dad would end up singing this one to us. song 4 – a song that calms you down: be not so fearful […]

songs 2.

a song that reminds you of your most recent ex-boyfriend. that would have to be “cameras” by matt & kim. this song was introduced to me by my little sister. she made me a cd over christmas break and it popped out as a continuous play in my head. on new years, it was one […]

songs 1.

A song from your childhood. freak nasty – when i dip you dip. yup. that’s the one consistently on the tip of my tongue when i get thrown back to childhood. i remember at some point i learned a little bit of the lyrics and i was hanging out with my sister, rach. neither of […]