grateful 10.24.13

1. 2 months till birthday!2. i have a love of the clementines3. skype dates!4. giggly5. watching lee take anything out of the oven.6. watching eric do his run jump 5 steps before he hits the stairs.7. mixing up “E” and “Lee” on the same day8. being honest9. having my opinion respected10. blasting through some homework

grateful 10.16.13

1. teaching new things. 2. discussing nothing 3. just do what you love 4. beet smoothies? …okay! 5. eric’s run up the stairs that starts a few steps early 6. yoga 7. classes are… interesting 8. i think i know what i’m doing 9. always typing in the wrong address for school. 10. dreaming big.

the pup.

i started school again last fall in an effort to obtain a psych degree. realizing that i would like to get a jump on this whole thing, this semester was to be “full time.” so i signed up for courses and am prepared to work full-time as well… i thought this oh so manageable, until […]