a nose never lies

what do you do when you are sniffing your floor clothes trying to decipher whether they need washing and realise your nose is incredibly stuffed up from sickness? you can’t tell the difference between might need washing and definitely needs extreme heat and oodles of dryer sheets. the things you smelled two days ago but […]


you think you’re fine. you think life will go on like normal. but it’s just a little, tiny bit different. you think this has happened before. you know you’ve felt it all before. because the same person has hurt you so many times. so this last time, the last feels like almost nothing at all. […]

i hate that i love him.

“you’re one of my best friends.” i didn’t even know i had that title. a bit of a shocker for me. after everything, can i forgive and proceed like this? i don’t know if it’s worth it. i’m left wanting either way, but actively choosing to remain close to someone that has such an affect […]

11.6.14 breezeblocks

if you could get rid of one of your habits, what would it be? nailbiting. i devour my nails. the most irritating part of this habit is that it only recurs every so often. i will go for months without biting them or years to the point that they are currently gnawed. they are painfully […]

11.1.14 – 11.2.14 lazy place

question: what decisions are you glad you made? answer: i’m glad i decided to move to portland. obviously my life would be different, but i just know i’d be stilted the other way. i’m glad i quit my job. it was not enough and too much all in one composite. question: share some good advice. […]

10.31.14 – flaws

question: what is the happiest headline in the news today? answer: i haven’t even looked! maybe this means i’m too into myself. when do people have time to look at the news. mostly i’m struggling to open my eyes before work. then i work > then to other work> and here!

10.29.30-10.30.14 fuck was i thinking

questions had to be bundled from yesterday and today as well. 10.29.14 question: are you settling for something? answer: maybe. it doesn’t feel like it right now, but probably. i’m trying not to settle for love or career or anything else, but i’m sick of waiting to find someone special. and i can’t seem to […]

10.28.14 – stolen dance

question: what is the last movie you saw? answer: it was about 10 days ago or so. i’m headed to NZ in december and as such am trying to study the landscape by watching the lord of the rings trilogy. we turned on the 2nd of the series, but instead of rewatching, becca decided it […]

10.27.14 – the head and the heart

i’m going to try something well, i’ve been kind of down on myself for not being creative. it’s time to change that. i found some things on pinterest. once a day items. so i’m going to be answering a different question a day… hopefully there are more though, because i have about half the months […]