my 30th birthday

  my 30th birthday was so special. i hadn’t even intended it to be that way, like i didn’t and don’t necessarily care about my birthdays. and i don’t really have a problem with getting older by number. so, i think it makes it all the more special. i was in a place i never […]

i haven’t written in a while…

things that are different about oz: no driving – i love it. i never realized just how much i hated it until i didn’t do it. now i just sit on trains and read. reading – the internet/netflix/websites are different here. more commonly, i tend to read in down time. or drink, whichever comes first. […]

i’m here!

i made it to the land of oy. i mean of oz, silly! it’s pretty cool. i really like not driving. if i ever move again, i hope that i will never need a car again! fat chance, but this girl is dreaming of train lines. it just takes out so much stress right now. […]