“today’s the day”

yes… it certainly was the day. it’s time for a vote in america. it’s shocking to see the outcome. devastating in fact. how did this happen? i guess for some reason i just thought it was all just a joke. like it wasn’t really real, so i didn’t have to pay attention… or fear. i’m […]

Thoughts on news

So… David Gest died. As a non-avid news reader and under participant in most social and almost all non-my-age-group performers, I had no idea who he is. He’s a former husband of Liza Minnelli. Probably loads of my friends knew that… Maybe. anyway I was reading his bbc article and it turns out he had […]

My buddy. My pal. My friend.

When I left Portland, I knew there would be some other little loves to work with and teach. I flew away from some of the best young men I’ve had the pleasure of working with towards a host of new clients and families I would get to help. Early intervention was not at all my […]


i had a really rough day at work yesterday. i don’t feel like rehashing it here, but it definitely brings up my next point of contention. nathan. yes. him again. we decided to get back together from across the ocean a few months ago. i knew at the time that this wasn’t the wisest decision, […]


today i have felt tormented. i think it’s from reducing the pain medication i heavily relied on last week during my tonsillectomy recovery. but still that chemical imbalance is not fun and is a very real, valid disturbing thing to deal with. so i looked up tormented in emotions. a website said it’s part of […]


nathan and i had a very big day yesterday. we talked. a lot. i finally heard about his relationship with lauren. i told him about adam, chris, and max. about how i felt and what i have tried to deal with. that the feelings i have for him are what’s always been missing from other […]

and a good morning to you.

mindfulness. this is all the buzz these days. i am aware that i have little time left in portland and the delegation of this time seems vastly more important then it ever has. the prioritizing of all of the people and things i need to accomplish feels like impending doom. but like the best kind? […]


to answer your question, unfortunately, yes. it is all worth it. the good and the bad. it makes me feel, and if you aren’t feeling, you’re not living life to it’s potential. we are human and feelings and thoughts are what we do. i want all of them. that’s why we’ve let this continue so […]

11.7.14-11.9.14 – the girl

11.7: list 5 things you wish you had with you today. rachel. chris. caitlin. max. lauren. 11.8: what are the achievements you are most proud of? i’m proud of running a successful studio. and of eric and lee’s strides. of running a half marathon. of being receptive to all. 11.9: what gadgets did you use […]