well, i can’t seem to. i was thinking about an awesome post in my car on the way home, but totally got deterred from remembrance. as per this post’s name, i FOUND so many awesome things today… 1. these amazing cookies i’ve been searching for, for more than 6 months. turns out they were quite […]

Avetts round 2.

tonight cj, becca and i went to avetts. i was surprised that not much of their show overlapped from yesterday. even down to the set was different! so great. i finally got to hear them play “once and future carpenter live too. it was just as good as i expected. we also met up with […]

i love to love.

i saw the avett brothers last night for the first time without rachel byrnes. it was sad not to have her, but i made do with these people: i’m absolutely in love with the avetts though. i wish i could share them with everyone. raquel and jeb were such great sports! they had never even […]