sad sack.

yesterday we rehomed my puppy for many reasons. i can’t believe i’m one of those people that gets a dog for less than a year and then has to give it up. i really, truly loved him a lot, but he was more then i could handle in a lot of ways. as with many […]

grateful 7.26.13

1. hope 2. being real 3. gosh this pup drives me crazy, but i love cuddling with him. 4. watching eric “jump” off a diving board 5. plants! 6. house-sitting 7. ginger smoothies 8. august weekends are full of tons of fun: bridge pedal, backpacking, the talk, wine-tasting, alison/steve 9. miguel’s spunk 10. fro yo […]

the pup.

i started school again last fall in an effort to obtain a psych degree. realizing that i would like to get a jump on this whole thing, this semester was to be “full time.” so i signed up for courses and am prepared to work full-time as well… i thought this oh so manageable, until […]